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Welcome to the fundraiser featuring the colorful and unique paintings of the beloved Nyack artist Astrith Deyrup.

  • We can arrange contact-less pick-up in Nyack (just provide us with a means to contact you).

  • You can pay using a check, payable to the John Green Preservation Coalition and mailed to PO Box 378, Nyack, NY 10960.

  • You can also pay using the Donate button and then entering the cost of your painting in the PayPal Donation box.


Astrith was the youngest of 7 children born to Alvin Johnson and his wife Edith.  Dr. Johnson had grown up in the Midwest with immigrant parents from Denmark.  He was an author, a scholar and an innovative educator, best known for establishing the New School for Social Research in NYC.  In 1920 the Johnsons bought the house at 311 North Broadway and spent part of each year there (and part in NYC), planting gardens and raising chickens and other animals.  And it was in a house on this property that Astrith spent her final years as well. Home-schooled, the Johnson children all had advanced degrees.  They became a pediatrician, a lawyer, an economist, a biologist, a painter, a batik artist,…   Astrith painted every day of her life, in oil and in water, and she made enamels on copper, but she was particularly talented in creating batiks.  When in a NYC hospital a few years ago she had a sketch pad and markers and covered the walls of her room with pictures, which she gave to the attendants and her visitors.  

Astrith was a talented piano and flute player as well and loved to be surrounded by flowers.  Generous and loving, she shared her talents with children in NYC afterschool programs, visited schools to teach children to tie dye shirts, gave free batik workshops at the Nyack Library.  If you asked her for lessons you would be invited to paint in the studio at her home looking out over the Hudson River - boats, trees and the river were favorite subjects, but then, so were flowers.

Ms Deyrup designed fabrics for Fuller Fabrics, the Roger Bachmann Design Studio, the International Paper Company and Studio K.  She gave exhibits at many universities, libraries and galleries.  Some of her batik hangings are in the permanent collection of the University of Western Illinois. Her three books on batik and tie dying are still used by students and artists (you can even find her 1972 classic book "The Complete Book of Tie-Dyeing" on Amazon!).


In her final years Astrith had several shows of her work at her home in Upper Nyack and one in the store front of the “7 AM” building famously painted by Edward Hopper, on the corner of North Broadway and School Street.  When Astrith died in 2011 at age 87, the Garden Club of Nyack planted a redbud tree in her memory at the Old Stone Meeting House in Upper Nyack, where she had been baptized and where her sister Natalie was married.

Further links to information about Astrith can be found online, such as Nyack News and Views and lohud (Journal News). 

The Paintings for Sale (to benefit John Green House)

The following list describes the paintings for sale. Find each painting by its number in the image gallery below the list. Some paintings are matted and framed while some are not, but framing is not shown in this gallery which shows only the painting canvas or panel. When paintings are framed and/or matted it is indicated in the descriptive text below. You can email us at for any details you would like to know.  The painting names below are used to distinguish them on this list; they are not necessarily names given by Ms Deyrup.


  • #100 - Pastel eggshells, 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas. $150

  • #101 - ** SOLD ** Mountains with red sky, 16 1⁄2 x 20 1⁄2, Framed, Oil on Canvas. $200 **SOLD**

  • #102 - Batik orange sky and rocks, 16 1⁄2 x 18 1⁄2, Framed Batik Textile. $300

  • #103 - Heliconia, 30 1⁄2 x 22 1⁄2, Oil on Canvas. $250

  • #104 - Flowers and blue background, 18 x 24, Oil on Panel. $275,

  • #105 - Flowers and purple background, 18 1⁄2 x 20 1⁄2, Oil on Canvas, Framed. $275

  • #106 - **SOLD** Hasta flowers in vase, 16 x 20, Oil on Canvas. $200 **SOLD**

  • #107 - Sail, 24 x 30, Oil on Canvas. $200

  • #108 -  Pastel Bubbles, 20 x 30, Oil on Canvas. $150

  • #109 - **SOLD** Pink flower house, 18 x 14, Oil on Panel. $200 **SOLD**

  • #110 - Geometric squares, 18 x 24, Oil on Panel. $150

  • #111 - **SOLD** Black skies, 36 x 20, Oil on Canvas. $150 **SOLD**

  • #112 - Two chimneys and white house, 19 x 23, Oil on Panel, Framed. $385

  • #113 - Pond with two houses, 19 x 23, Oil on Panel, Framed. $385

  • #114 - **SOLD** Car in garage, 10 x 10, Oil on Panel. $175 **SOLD**

  • #115 - **SOLD** End of dock, 10 x 8, Oil on Panel. $150 **SOLD**

  • #116 - Arched trunk, 14 x 11, mounted, actual size of painting: 4.5 x 6, Oil on Panel. $100

  • #117 - Small car in garage, 14 x 11, actual size of painting: 5 x 5, Oil on Panel, mounted, $100

  • #118 - **SOLD** Roof and golden tree, 14 x 11, actual size of painting: 5 x 5, Oil on Panel **SOLD**

  • #119 - **SOLD** Green and white tree, 14 x 11, actual size of painting: 4.5 x 5, Oil on Panel **SOLD**

  • #120 -  Dark green trees, 14 x 11, actual size of painting: 4.5 x 5, Oil on Panel, mounted, $100

  • #121 - Self portrait, 16 1⁄4 x 20 1⁄4, Batik Textile. Framed, Batik style, $350

  • #122 - Three yellow brushes wtih barn, 16 x 13 1⁄2, Oil on Panel, Framed. $400

  • #123 - Big tree and white house, 16 x 20, Oil on Panel, mounted, $325

  • #124 - **SOLD** Two wispy trees on river, 16 x 20, Oil on Panel. $325 **SOLD**

To pay using a PayPal donation: 1. Decide on your painting and note its price, 2. Click on the Donate button below, 3. Enter the cost of the painting in dollars as your Donation, 4. Uncheck "make it monthly", 5. Press OK (then reach out to us at

Otherwise, send a check to our P.O. Box with a note indicating the painting number, title, and cost. Please include a contact phone number.  See our About page for mailing details.

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