Donation, Membership, and Volunteers

There are several ways for you to help the Coalition achieve its mission.  You can attend fundraisers and socials hosted by the Coalition.  You can help with "work parties" and get your hands dirty working alongside other volunteers inside the house!  If you are a corporation and have assets such as building materials that could help with the house rehabilitation, please reach out to discuss. Watch the News/Events page for announcements about social events and fund-raisers. We've already made great strides (see our Milestones timeline).

How do we put your Donation and Membership to Work?

When you donate or become a Member, your money will help the Coalition with construction, materials, and upkeep costs. For example, supporting the walls of the building requires materials such as framing lumber, pine flooring and fasteners. Other uses of your donation are likely to include covering the costs of taxation and insurance, or costs of outreach, fundraising, or administration.  The chart below summarizes the Coalition's main expense categories for 2019.


(Click pie chart icon to see 2019 expense categories)

Make a donation and/or become a Member below by choosing one of our options. The John Green Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization. We thank you!

Giving Suggestions:

$15 Individual Donation

Our suggested donation for individuals (click 'Donate' and enter $15)

$25 Family Donation

Our suggested donation for families (click 'Donate' and enter $25)

$100 Corporate Donation

Our suggested donation for businesses (click 'Donate' and enter $100)

Becoming a Member and donating a fixed amount on an annual basis would be very appreciated.You may do this by using the button below and choosing your annual donation amount:

Alternatively, you may donate any custom amount that you choose (recurring or not) by using the "Donate" button below:

If you would prefer to use a check or credit card instead of PayPal then please use the "PDF Mail-in Form" button below and send the completed form to: John Green Preservation Coalition, PO Box 378, Nyack, NY 10960.

If you have questions about Membership and donations or experience technical issues with this page, please send us a note at: